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Started working on a

custom build for a local

guy, his cb350 was a real

ugly duckling when he got it...

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Finished up a race tank

for a customer, these

pics show it being sealed

and protected from the fuel

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the cb360 cafe is finished!

I need to have some pro

pictures taken, but the

bike is done!

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Step by step in the

building of a cb400f

stainless steel 4-1

exhaust for a customer.

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The CB360 Cafe Racer

is really coming together now,

I'm waiting on a chain, exhaust

gasket and drain plug.

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A customer called and

asked me to build him

a 4-1 stainless exhaust

for his '75 400F.

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The cb360 cafe racer project

is nearing the end! The frame is

done painting, the rims have been

relaced and all the engine is cleaned up.

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the cb360

cafe racer


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Sorry I left these updates in a bit of a lurch,

but the bike is now really close to being done!

The stainless exhaust, tank, seat, are all done

being welded, and it should only be a couple more days now!

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I got the stainless parts for the

cb360 cafe racer today, and started

welding things up, I think the exhaust

on this bike will be a real cool feature!

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Did some more work on the tank

for the cb360, based on my new tank

model "the stingray", which will

be available in fiberglass soon.

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Coming along on the magni build,

the custom swingarm is all done

and painted, now the hand formed

alloy parts are being painted up

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I picked up a 1974 cb360 today,

bit of a snotter, but has some

potential, I love these old brit-looking bikes!

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Made some more progress on the magni build,

got the swingarm all tidied up and done save paint,

the alloy tank is all set, the alloy seat is next

up, and the rear cable brake is all assembled!

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Building an alloy manx seat, I want to create a

standard alloy seat available to add to the dunstall

type, this one is all rolled in the back

and is starting to take shape!

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This is a slideshow of the process of making

a handmade aluminum alloy tank. The design

is from my new tank style which will be coming soon,

I'm using the model for the tank as a template for the aluminum.

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1974 Honda cB750 "Magni" style build

-more updates on the Magni project,

now I have the windscreen done, most

of the fairing complete and the tank finished

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Building a vacuum

forming machine and

vacuum forming a windscreen

for the cb750 "magni style" build

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Step by step building

my composite racing


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This is an alloy swingarm

I am building for my Agusta

style build, takes 4lbs off the

sprung weight and is stiffer than stock!

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Here's a little how-to on building my alloy

dunstall style seat, this one was real fun to

do, and I put a few of the techniques I've been

learning into this one

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Honda 1977 CB400F Mild Cafe Conversion

This features a hand hammered and formed aluminum tank,

aluminum side panels, a custom formed and upholstered

seat and tail light, not much, but a fun summer ride!

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1974 Honda CB750 Build

I am building this bike

to replicate a Magni Agusta

Racebike that I had a crush on

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